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Spectrum Neuroscience Treatment Institute (SN) is dedicated to transforming the lives of patients with anxiety & mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive and related disorders (OCD), autism spectrum disorders and Asperger’s syndrome (ASD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD).
Our interdisciplinary practice is led by Dr. Eric Hollander, an esteemed psychiatrist, neuropsychopharmacologist and clinical neuroscientist, and backed by an outstanding team of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, women's mental health and executive health experts, developmental neuropsychologists, executive function coaches, job coaches, and social workers who are here to treat and support patients with a variety of conditions.
We are dedicated to providing a personalized approach of cutting edge and evidence based treatments and compassionate care for the needs of each individual patient in order to best establish a healthy and meaningful way of life.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide interdisciplinary and comprehensive care for individuals and families facing a broad spectrum of disorders, including anxiety and mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders (OCD), autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). We are committed to advancing treatment by using interdisciplinary and comprehensive approaches tailored to the needs of patients of all ages.

Meet the team

Meet our team of specialized providers ready to help you and your loved one.

Eric Hollander, MD


Specializing in Psychiatry,
Neuropsychopharmacology and Clinical Neuroscience.

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Jeff Daly, M.D.


Evaluation and medication management of ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, and OCD in children, adolescents, and adults.

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Asif M. Rahman, MD


Specializing in psychopharmacology, psychotherapy and psychiatric clinical research.

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Amina Benkhoukha, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Specializing in PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and Substance Abuse.

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Kasey Siegel, Ph.D.


Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders, and Autism using CBT, DBT, and Social Skills Training

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Dr. Heather Berlin, Ph.D.

Clinical & Developmental Neuropsychologist

Specializing in Neuropsychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Social Skills

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Natalie Rasgon, MD, PhD


Specializing in Neuropsychology for Anxiety, Depression, and Women's Health.

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Joe Ginnane, MS

Executive Function Coach
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Michele Robins, Ph.D.

Clinical & Developmental Neuropsychologist

Specializing in Neuropsychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Social Skills

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Ryan Casey, M.A.

Job Coach

Autism, Depression, ADHD, and Anxiety

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Emily Sachs

Practice Manager
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Research Coordinator

The product coordinator will support the practice director and manager by managing the tactical and administrative aspects of product development.
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Licensed Therapist

The Licensed Therapist will provide individual, couple, and family therapy to clients of all ages. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in evidence-based practices, excellent communication skills, and a passion for helping individuals navigate mental health challenges. This role involves conducting assessments, developing treatment plans, and delivering therapeutic interventions with a focus on client-centered care.
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Spectrum Neuroscience Research Foundation is dedicated to the scientific, educational, and research endeavors focusing on the needs of children, adolescents, and adults with compulsive, impulsive, and autism spectrum disorders and related conditions. Read more about the research studies and approaches we’re taking to improve the lives of these conditions.
If you or your loved one are seeking compassionate, comprehensive care for neuropsychiatric and psychological conditions, Spectrum Neuroscience and Treatment Institute is here to help. Together, we can work towards your goals and walk along a path of healing and a better way of life.