Neurologist Behavioral Neurology

Dr. Jay Lombard, is a Behavioral Neurologist seeing patients at Spectrum Neuroscience.  He is also co-founder of Genomind, a precision medicine company for psychiatry and mental health.

Prior to co-founding Genomind, Dr Lombard served as chief of Neurology at Bronx Lebanon Hospital between 2007-2011. He was also the head of the stroke division at the medical center, and has previously held academic medical appointments at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Dr. Lombard served as chief of Neurology at Westchester Square Medical Center from 1995-2000, and at the Brain Behavior Center in Rockland County, NY, from 2000-2007, where he specialized in patients with intractable neurological and psychiatric disorders. He has been honored as one of the top Neurologists in NY. More recently, Dr. Lombard has held the position as Chief Medical Officer for the Cure Batten’s Disease Foundation. In this capacity, Dr. Lombard helped lead a team of researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital to develop the first human intrathecal gene trial for Batten’s disease approved by the FDA.

Dr. Lombard has written extensively on neuroscientific topics, including several peer-reviewed papers and medical textbooks, among them the New England Journal of Medicine, Medical Hypothesis, Clinics of North America, Journal of Managed Care and Expert Opinion. His research has included an original hypothesis linking autism to mitochondrial dysfunction. He has also published articles in peer- reviewed medical journals covering diverse topics from Alzheimer’s disease, pediatric neuropsychiatric disorders, and pharmacogenomics in psychiatry.

Dr. Lombard is also a widely-acclaimed author of popular nonfiction works related to the effects of nutrition and the brain, including the Brain Wellness Plan (Kensington 1998); Balance Your Brain, Balance Your Life (Wiley 2003); and Freedom from Disease (St. Martin’s 2008). Dr. Lombard’s upcoming book- Mind of God– Neuroscience, Faith and the Search for the Human Soul(Random House) is scheduled for release June 2017. He has also been a medical consultant for Academy Award-winning directors Jonathan Demme and Martin Scorsese on Hollywood feature films and has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs, including Larry King Live, CBS News, the Food Network, The Mehmet Oz show and as a featured speaker at TedMed, where he lectured on the challenges of understanding complex disorders of the brain. Jay Walker, founder of TedMed, described Dr. Lombard as “part Freud, part Sherlock Holmes.”