Therapist Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorder, Trauma, ADHD, and Couples Counseling using CBT, DBT, Mindfulness/Meditation

Dushyanthi is a Columbia University trained therapist who uses a combination of psychology techniques and Mindfulness/Meditation practices to help patients achieve the life they desire. She specializes in Anxiety, Depression, Relationship, Eating Disorder, Trauma, and ADHD Counseling.

Dushyanthi is licensed in New York State and Connecticut, and is also a certified trauma counselor in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. She is a consultant to the United Nations where she worked on gender-based violence policy and media.  She holds a Masters from Columbia University, and graduated summa cum laude from UMASS, Amherst.

Dushyanthi provides a safe supportive space for patients to feel comfortable. Using a patient-centered approach, she collaborates with the patient to identify tangible goals and all obstacles. As a holistic therapist, these goals encompass personal, relationship, family, professional, exercise, diet, sleep and spiritual aspirations.

Dushyanthi teaches concrete tools to calm anxiety and depression. Using a blend of Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavior, and Psychodynamic therapies, she then creates a tailor made approach for each patient. Themes such as how thoughts affect mood and breaking down dysfunctional thinking is a key element. She employs meditation, gratitude, and mindfulness techniques to calm the mind. She also explores any past experiences that might contribute to present symptoms in order to experience a new level of healing.

Dushyanthi works with the patient to empower them to find their inner wisdom and strength, rather than simply telling the patient what to do. She always incorporates the patient’s cultural and spiritual practices and is sensitive to diverse backgrounds. Her goal is for her patients to experience life long change and to live an enriched and fulfilled life.